Plasma rich growth factor technology is a proactive approach to healing that allows your body to repair itself faster and more naturally. Used on tens of thousands of people in a variety of medical fields, this process takes healing agents from your own body and strategically applies them to wounds or recovery sites. The result? More effective healing. Here’s a closer look at the process.

What Is Plasma Rich Growth Factor?

When your body sustains an injury, the healing process takes place on a cellular level. Essentially, your blood cells release proteins that are rich in plasma and that encourage growth and healing. Medical professionals have figured out how to extract this plasma from your blood and use it for targeted healing purposes.

How Does Plasma Rich Growth Factor Affect Healing?

To get plasma rich growth factor from your body, your healthcare professional draws a very small amount of blood from your system. This is placed in a centrifuge, and as the blood spins, the plasma rich growth factor separates from the rest of the sample. When the PRGF is applied directly to a wound or post-surgical site, it ignites the healing process.



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